Monday, 25 June 2012

A Beauty Pageant for the Animals? Something's not quite right

Objectifying women seems to be very much in vogue among animal advocates at present. And it is not just others doing the objectifying. Australian is about to have it's own flesh-fest with the recent announcement of a Miss Vegan Australian Pageant

Yes, you read correctly.

40 lucky vegan women will have the chance to parade themselves in front of judges and an audience (of men I assume). One will be crowned Miss Vegan Australia.


I have been told that the judges will be looking for women with 'skills'.

I would have thought it was already self-evident which of the women among us have skills. 

Pam Ahern founded Edgar's Mission.

Patty Marks founded Animal Liberation Victoria (ALV).

 Glenys Oogjes has lead Animals Australia for over three decades.

Yet I seriously wonder whether a single one of these women would be able to win a beauty pageant. What a terrible shame.  

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