Thursday, 24 May 2012

Passions Unleashed in the Debate Over Animal Research

With the recent focus of live animal exports and slaughterhouse regulation, I am very surprised to see how much passion there is in the community for the issue of animal research. 

Animal researchers are very good at keeping their activities out of public view and therefore largely off the political/media agenda. However, just because we rarely talk about animal research doesn't mean that there are not strongly held views out there in the community.

This morning, Helen Marston, from Humane Research Australia, published an article in The Punch detailing her personal experience with cancer, and the way she reflected on her animal ethics during the treatment process. 

While I found Helen's story interesting, what I find most fascinating are the comments written under the story, by readers. At the time of writing this blog, some 242 people had commented on the article. Far more than had commented on any other story. Not only have many people commented, the views are highly polarised and often personally attack other readers. 

Animal research really is a quiet, but passion inducing issue. I look forward to seeing how many people comment on the article before the next thing draws our attention away.  

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