Sunday, 6 May 2012

A Fight to the Death

As a regular listener of news radio I have been exposed to a great deal of information about the 'war on terror' including happenings in Afghanistan. However, despite Australia's involvement in Afghanistan since 20001, I only recently learnt about the popularity of animal fighting in Afghanistan.

It seems that animal fighting was banned in Afghanistan under Taliban rule on the basis that it is un-Islamic. It seems that since the Taliban lost power in 2001 animal fighting is once again practiced and popular. As quoted in the West Australia: '"I was born and grew up in war, I love to see fighting, it is a good pastime," says Najibullah, 30, while fondling his bird and preparing it for a big fight'.

This brings a couple of things to mind. First, with all the reporting on the war on terror, why not occasionally make reference to the live of animals? War has a big impact on animals and I am interested to learn more. 

Second, if the reports are correct, this seems like an example of religion generating positive outcomes of animals. There is a view among animal activists that religion is typically bad for animals. The debate over kosher and Halal slaughter is an example of that. However, bans on animal fighting  under Islamic law would seem to be a good thing for the animals involved.

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