Friday, 2 March 2012

Who is in need of greater protection: the farmers or the animals?

Iowa's 'ag gag' bill continues to make headlines with animal groups now urging the state's governor not to sign the bill into law

Mercy for Animals has been one of the groups strongly opposed to the proposed law. It also features a lot of undercover footage on its website

One of the pro-law farmers interviewed by the Wall Street Journal was quoted as saying 'it's easy for groups to get video of livestock that when paired with dramatic music can give an improper impression'.

Can the use of dramatic music really make something that would otherwise seem reasonable suddenly appear to be unreasonable? I am not so sure.

If this bill is signed into law I feel it will be a very sad day for our democratic institutions. And it is all the more sad that it is occurring in the US with all its emphasis on freedom of speech and democratic principles.

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