Friday, 2 March 2012

Good Things come to those who Wait

Two very nice things happened to me today.

The first was that I had a coffee with my PhD supervisor Prof. Lyn Carson: It was wonderful to be able to give her a copy of my book 'Animals, Equality and Democracy' after commencing my PhD with her so many years ago. My book is based on my PhD and I would not have been able to produce either without Carson's help.

Today I also learnt that my book was mentioned in the Victorian Parliament by Green MLC Sue Pennicuik I was honoured to have Sue Pennicuik  at my book launch. 

In Parliament Sue Pennicuik said:

In her book Siobhan explores why it is that we treat animals differently depending on their status or their use for and by humans and whether or not they are in public view. Laws and regulations for the protection of the same species of animal can differ markedly depending on these factors. This is something we all know but most people rarely think about, and Siobhan argues that this is inconsistent with liberal democratic values.

I pay tribute to these wonderful women

The other woman Sue Pennicuik is referring to is Lyn White from Animals Australia who has done so much to publicise problems with Australia's live export trade.

Here is the full transcript of what was said in Parliament:

Readers with a keen eye will also notice that standing with Sue Pennicuik is Laurie Levy from the Coalition against Duck Shooting. With the duck shooting season about to commence again soon it was also very humbling to have Laurie attend my launch and support my research. 

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