Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Are people who care about animals anti-human?

Today I have an opinion piece on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Environment website: http://www.abc.net.au/environment/articles/2012/03/06/3446094.htm. Called 'Pet or pet-food: a confused rabbit's tale' I discuss inconsistencies in animal welfare legislation and offer the example of Bugs the rabbit who finds that his/her protections change as he/she moved from one owner to the next.

I was asked to write the piece by the editor of the site and I was happy to discuss my work.

What has been particularly interesting about the experience is watching the comments from readers as they appear below the article.

At the time of writing this blog the article had generated 23 comments. 

Reading the comments, one of the themes I detect is a belief that those who care about animals either don't, or can't, care about humans.

One reader wrote: 

'Why is this stuff even an issue? The whole notion of treating animals like humans is just sick'

Another commented:

'PEOPLE are more important than animals'.

And from another:

'Do not human animals suffer far greater than any rabbit or dog?'

And from the same commentator:

'Stop wasting tax money and donations policing so called 'offenses' against domestic animals.

We need to put an end to spending 80 thousand dollars to lock up someone for a year, just for killing their pet dog.

This is obscene. This is disconnected from reality, and what we are, and what matters.

I dont care if they kill thousands of pet dogs in any way they desire, as long as they own them legally.

These things waste money time and focus, that SHOULD be spent retaining what little of our WILD creatures and plants we have, and helping other humans.

So why did I post here?

To wake people up.

So wake up and see how silly it is to choose to spend a dollar on a rabbit instead of a somalian child.

I suspect that many of these people who get so worked up over a rabbit are missanthropes'. 

I wonder whether the people making those comments have had a personal experience with people who are concerned about animals but not people. If they have then their experience is very different to mine. I have found that compassionate people tend to be compassionate on many issues. 

I look forward to reading more readers comments as they come in. 

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