Sunday, 19 February 2012

PETA, sexism and THAT ad campaign

PETA's latest ad campaign continues to attract extensive commentary on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. It also continues to attract the attention of the mainstream media as evidenced by today's story in the Guardian. For an ad that was released online this is an extraordinary accomplishment.

A search on Yahoo7 today reveals that 77 articles have recently been written on the topic. When one thinks of the the money spent advertising during the recent Super Bowl it's hard to avoid the conclusion that if PETA had access to the type of budget used by big corporations to sell their products they would be able to make a significant impact.

But what should we think of all those who are sincerely outraged by what PETA has done yet who are helping PETA meet it's objectives of translating their outrage into brand name recognition? I assume that PETA wants people to hear the online chatter, click on their website, and then learn something about the secret lives of animals. Are the people speaking out against PETA's ad victims themselves? Could they be willing participants? Could they be strengthening PETA's resolve to be even more controversial next time?

PETA had been very quiet for a while so this must seem to them like an amazing win.

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