Friday, 24 February 2012

The Book Launch is Done and Dusted - thank you for your support!

Glenys Oogjes (Animals Australia); Peter Singer and Siobhan O'Sullivan at the 'Animals, Equality and Democracy' book launch

Glenys addresses the crowd

Peter Singer does me the great honour of launching the book

I address the crowd

Siobhan O'Sullivan, Glenys Oogjes and Peter Singer

Animals, Equality and Democracy

Now that my book launch is over I have a moment to reflect on what it meant to me.

First, it was wonderful to see so many people take time out of their busy lives to celebrate with me. It was a real honour.

It was also humbling to have the book launched by two such eminent people: Prof. Peter Singer, author of Animal Liberation (1975) and Glenys Oogjes, long time CEO of Animals Australia. Both Peter and Glenys have been leading lights in the field for so long. As I said in my speech, I certainly knew them long before they knew me. It is therefore so meaningful to me to have developed a relationship with both and to have them support me by launching my book.

Third, it was a chance to catch my breath before commencing a new project. I would love to write more about the history of pit ponies. If you don't know what a pit pony is you will have to buy my book 'Animals, Equality and Democracy' to find out!

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