Monday, 20 February 2012

Another day Another Animal Rights ad Campaign

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This morning the news is again dominated by another animal rights ad campaign. This time it will be run by Sydney based animal protection agency Voiceless

I have not seen the ad(s) yet but they have been described as 'confronting'. I wonder whether they will generate as much buzz as the recent PETA campaign?

It seems to me that PETA's strategy is to get people interested to visit their website. By contrast Voiceless want to educate via the ad, with a visit to their website a secondary concern. I wonder what the Gruen Transfer team would have to say about the two strategies.

I am also curious to see what impact the Voiceless champaign has. While I think that raising the profile of animal suffering is integral to legislative reform, I wonder whether images can ever compensate for the actual experience of seeing the suffering first-hand. But, then again, as most of us will never have the chance to peer inside a factory farm it is probably all academic, as they say.

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